Asian cuisines(PF Changs)

I love Chinese food, i mean i love all Asian food except indian for now.  Don’t get me wrong indian food is probably good too but the flavors just don’t do it for could also be that i haven’t tried it at the right place yet,so don’t be surprise when i show up some day professing my undying love for indian food to y’all.

Asian food is a blessing to us tbh,

from Chinese, Thai,Vietnamese,Korean,Malaysian,Japanese to Singaporean cuisines, each and everyone of this cuisines is packed with richness and mouth watering flavors. From the dim sum to pad thai and everyones ultimate favorite the simple Chinese fried rice.

I haven’t fully explored  all of the different cuisines yet but am on my way there and its truly exciting and magical for me.

                     currently am in a love affair with Dim sum and Baozi,and tbh i have never been happier.

 I have so many favorites among asian restaurants,that i will eventually get to share with y’all as time goes by.

One of them is PF Changs, i always find myself going back to this particular resturant.

The food is really good especially their mangolian beef(one of the best i have had)

and their famous dynamite Shrimp of course.

 The atmosphere in the restaurant is also really cool and calm perfect for a date night or a night out.

see you soon












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