Doughnut Time!!!

IMG_7375There is a saying that goes like this

“you can’t buy happiness but you can buy doughnut”

I agree to disagree with this saying, i mean thats kind of like the same thing if you think of it this way,doughnuts are like one the most mouthwatering and flavoursome  things to eat. I like to believe every bite represent one happiness pill ,you get happier with every bite you take,so you legit can buy happiness by having a doughnut.(still figuring out this theory of mine) might not be 100% accurate but hey get you a doughnut and be happy for the 3-7mins you are eating the sweetness out of it.

plus According to Aisha(me incase you are wondering who that is) the center of a doughnut is 100% fat free *munches on a sugar glazed doughnut*  i tell myself this so i have another reason to munch on these delicious pastries without feeling Fat guilt.

Enough about my doughnut theories even though i kinda want to keep going on about them(laughs).

I got to try  some doughnuts this weekend at a new place a lot of foodies have been buzzing about. so let me cut down to the chase and introduce you to one of the Royalties among doughnut shops.

The almighty Doughnut time.A pop culture inspired artisan doughnut company making hand made glazed and decorated doughnuts that started in Australia 4 to 3 years back and now owns three branches in London, one in SOHO another in OLD STREET and the third one in NOTTING HIL.

Doughnuts Times has a rotating weekly menu and a range of flavors for everyone to enjoy,they also have gluten free and vegan options which is just perfect and gives a lot of people with different needs the chance to eat a doughnut and experience the magic in it.

did i mention they are about to lunch a doughnut time academy where you will be able to create,decorate and customize your own doughnuts.

I’m actually so excited for this. Think of how amazing it will be to create and decorate your own doughnut,the best part is you get to eat it, i can’t begin to imagine taking big bites of the magic i have created swallowing and pushing all that goodness down my throat ,the fillings,the decorations the soft doughy and sugary doughnut oh good lord*licks lips* thinking about it alone makes me orgasm .

That brings me to the end of my post today.

I highly recommend you try out Doughnut time when ever you feel like having a doughnut. I forgot to mention you can actually order through deliveroo for delivery within london.



Rating: 8\10

Try it out and let me know what you think.





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