Busaba Eathai

I was never a big fan of Thai food,because I find them highly flavoured.

I like soft, mild flavours.My first visit to busaba eathai was accidental.I meet with my friends M&J(like MJ🤣 get it?😉) for dinner that day, we couldn’t decide where to eat from. After so many suggestions we ended up at busaba eathai.Now I wasn’t sure if I would like the food because that was my first time visiting but it wasn’t for MJ and tbh I haven’t really liked any of the Thai food I have tried in the past. I spent more than 15mins going through the menu before Making up my mind to have the jasmine beef rib with a lemonade(I crossed my fingers and prayed I like the food). Finally my order arrived(I normally get so excited at this stage, this time around I was anxious about the food) but to my surprise the plate looked quite appetising and the beef was succulent and juicyyyyyyy🤤.

I left having a whole new view on Thai food(Thai food isn’t all that bad,you just have to try it in the right place🤷🏾‍♀️) and of course giving Thai food a second chance.

Wellllll let’s just say that’s how busaba became one of my favourite places to eat. I had my lunch for almost a week straight on there because it was a walking distance from my house and I couldn’t get enough of their wok noodles and stir fry (don’t judge 🤦🏾‍♀️).

my favourites are the black pepper beef and pad Thai with chicken.

Just recently I made another visit to busaba eathai in St Albans,to satisfy my cravings with a friend(can’t wait to share all the goodness we ate) For starters we had the Bang-kick prawns which were luscious and the pot-pia jay(spring rolls) they tasted just


For the main meal I had the British lamb rump which also juicy and succulent like the jasmine beef rib. It was accompanied with a portion of sticky rice, smoked chillies and a tasty Thai mint salsa. My friend had the pad Thai chicken noodles which she described as W O W( asin wow, what do you think that means ?😂😋).

The rotti there is also heavenly(I love it🤤)and for tea lovers like myself they have a good selection of Asian and English teas too.

That brings me to end of my AMAZING Post today. If you haven’t been to busaba I highly recommend you try it out and see why it’s one of my faves.

Busaba is affordable and has quite a few branches in London and Hongkong .

I hope you guys enjoyed my post and find it useful, if you’ve any suggestions or comments please feel free to share them in the comment section or email me, and don’t forget to hit the like button,share with your friends and follow/subscribe to my blog❤️

Thank you so much for taking out time to read my post Xxxx see you soon.💋


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