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welcome to my first blog post xx


parker’s is one of those restaurants every foodie should have on their visit list, with locations in KSA,Dubai,Abu Dhabi and New York. I first came across parkers on instagram somewhere last year, since then i knew i had to visit parkers. I couldn’t stop thinking about how good the food would be. I religiously stalked their instragram page and i still do (its like the food is talking to you)

This summer i got the chance of visiting parkers located in Dubai,it was a dream come true. There usually is a long line at the door so it takes quite a long time before you get in but on this day i was lucky i didn’t have to wait for long (30 mins max), there it was, the moment i have long been dreaming of I’m finally at parkers(happy dance). It was excatly the way i pictured it, the staff were (AMAZING!!) very friendly and cheerful,the service was on point and speedy,the food OHMYYY MYYY,just perfect and to my surprise the price was affordable too.


I had the truffle fries,they were amazing, the best i have had so far, they are crunchy,soft in the inside and creamy, the portion was also reasonable (i ate all my fries and took some away as well). I also had the choco coffee slider, it was simply DELICIOUS!!! a must have on the menu tbh,i also had the black lemonade, which i expected to taste different from the normal everyday lemonade to my surprise there wasn’t much difference just the fact that this one is black and is being served at parkers;)



The best for the last,the AMAZING!!!*drums* LOTUS DRAMA this is literally the best dessert i have tasted so far,i can’t begin to explain how deliciously amazing the lotus drama was all i can say is it got my heart and i fell in love with it spoon after spoon.

If you ever find yourself in Dubai,KSA,Abu Dhabi or New York treat yourself to breakfast or lunch at parkers you sure won’t regret. Don’t forget to try the truffle fries, choco coffee, black lemonade and lotus drama.(the entire menu is amazing,already looking forward to my next parkers visit).xx



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  1. Abubak Sambo says:

    Ah-mazing article!!! I look forward to going to parker’s


  2. Zainab Adiya says:

    Foodie ❤️😘 Go girl, the sky is your starting point!


  3. Yasss says:

    ❤️Great effort b!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Zainab Umar Nassarawa says:

    Food is Bae❤💯✅

    Liked by 1 person

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